The 2nd Edition of the Online Orange Book for the Digital SAT is Now Available and Included!

This premium membership for SAT self-studiers gives you unlimited access to all the Pre-Digital and Digital SAT resources offered at the time of enrollment.

Here's what's included in the Premium Membership:
  • The Second Edition of the Online SAT Math Orange Book for the Digital SAT: The only comprehensive, interactive SAT math book on the market—and it's ready for the Digital SAT. The earlier edition for the pre-digital SAT is also included.
  • Over 6,000 video explanations covering every question on the Reading, Writing, and Math sections of dozens of released SATs, including Digital and Linear Digital practice tests.
  • Hundreds of expert, detailed Desmos solutions for every applicable math problem on the Digital and Linear Digital practice test.
  • Mastering Desmos for the Digital SAT: An in-depth, SAT-focused course that teaches students how wield the Desmos graphing calculator to make short work of many of the math problems on the Digital SAT.
  • Autoscoring Answer Forms for dozens of released pre-digital SATs: Students can enter their answers in these forms, which will automatically score the answers, provide instant playback of the video explanations for any questions you got wrong, and give one-click access to the SAT Math Topic Explorer (SMTEx).
  • Admission to exclusive Live online classes and our huge library of recordings of hundreds of past events.
  • Our SAT Strategy Course, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times by students shooting for top scores on the test.
  • Writing the Perfect College Application Essay, our invaluable video course for college applicants.
  • Many other Tools and Resources, including the SAT Math Topic Explorer (SMTEx™), an interactive tool that lets students explore the SAT math topics through pie charts and per-topic lists of problems from the released tests; a listing of the sources for the complete text of every literature and history passage from released SATs and PSATs along with those at Khan Academy; our Reading Section Mistake Analysis and Recommendation Tool (R-SMART™); and more.

Note: If you're being tutored or are a student in a school-based SAT prep class, and you need access to our resources as a component of your SAT prep program, please see our Tutored Student Membership. If you're a tutor, prep center owner, schoolteacher, or administrator, see our Tutor Membership.

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How long will my membership run?

Your membership will remain active and will renew automatically until you cancel it, which you can do at any time. When you cancel, you'll continue to have access to the resources until the end of the current payment period, which will vary depending on your enrollment date and which plan you selected.

How do I cancel my membership when I'm done using it?

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