The 2nd edition of our famous Orange Book is now available! It’s fully-aligned with the digital SAT and it contains over 1,200 digital SAT-style math problems with written, video, and Desmos solutions

When we offer a digital book, we don't settle for just a passive PDF. The SAT Math Orange Book 2nd Edition for the Digital SAT is a fully interactive resource that adds multidimensional instructional features to the core material in our famed print Orange Book.

The SAT Math Orange Book for the Digital SAT propels the Orange Book to another level with hands-on demonstrations, interactive graphs, solving walkthroughs using Desmos for students preparing for the Digital SAT, graphical answer explanations, pop-up written explanations, and, of course, the expert video explanations for which we are justly known.

Add in private annotations, one-click topic navigation, and full-text searching, and the result is an unparalleled SAT math resource that will efficiently power students to their best digital SAT math score.

The gold (or orange) standard in SAT math resources, now available in an enhanced 2nd edition specifically crafted for the digital SAT.

The game-changing Orange Book established a new category of premium SAT-oriented instructional materials. This groundbreaking resource is not a collection of "tricks" or "hacks" for getting around the SAT's function of assessing students' high school math skills. Rather, it meets the test on its own terms by providing comprehensive, clear, and patient education in every mathematical concept that can appear on the exam according to the officially published specifications for the test.

Following on to the success of the first online edition of the Orange Book, the new digital SAT 2nd edition of the Orange Book brings unprecedented instructional power to an SAT math resource, with a rich array of online features that are unparalleled among SAT math resources.

We crafted this resource with a fanatical and obsessive attention to every detail, no matter how small, and we poured into it everything we've learned about how to most effectively help each student acquire the firm, confident grasp of math they need to become a confident master of the material — and, therefore, of the math sections of the SAT.

The online Orange Book Adds New Dimensions To Math Instruction

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Interactive Demonstrations Engage and Illuminate
Graphical Explanations Make Concepts Easy to Grasp

Animations Make Word Problem Solutions Intuitive

Live Graphs Provide Visualization of Solutions
Digital SAT Solving Methods Provide Confidence

Hands-On Simulations Make Principles Clearer

The print edition of the Orange Book was immediately a #1 Bestseller and it has been hailed ever since as a leader in its category

The BEST SAT Math Book on the Market (★★★★★)

I have had private tutors and other math books but they just do not compare. My favorite part is the video explanations....George explains each problem so well without making you feel dumb for getting it wrong....the way he solves these problems is so easy to comprehend that after a while you will find yourself looking at a problem with that same mindset. Also, in the back of Volume II, there is a spreadsheet with every single released SAT...The spreadsheet outlines what section every single question correlates to which is so helpful for knowledge gaps. I would recommend to every single person I could. No matter your score aspirations whether they be an 1100 or 1550, the team will help you achieve it and support you the entire way.

Perfect 800 SAT Math Score; these books are EXCELLENT (★★★★★)

As an Academic Counselor and College/Career Opportunity Advisor it is imperative that I provide reliable resources to our students. I ordered the Orange Books to assist my 11th grader with her upcoming exam. After using the books and website videos, my daughter took the March 2021 SAT and received a perfect math score on her first attempt....After working with a number of other students, I am convinced these books are an excellent addition to our test prep courses. I now recommend these books to all of my students and parents.

Lauded by influencers in the field

From the moment the Orange Book landed in the hands of readers, it garnered unprecedented accolades from all quarters, including tutors, parents, and, of course, students. The review shown here is from the SAT coach with more posts than any other on the r/Sat subreddit, and he has years of experience with test-preparation resources.

Every topic, clearly explained

To ensure that the instruction in this book covers every topic and technique necessary to master the math sections of the SAT, our team spent two years analyzing every math problem on every released test to ensure that we provided engaging, cogent, and thorough explanations for all of the needed concepts.

We've got problems...

...and our problems are going to be your problems. More than two dozen tests' worth of meticulously constructed digital SAT-style example and practice problems with hundreds of fully-worked-out solutions (and alternative solutions), plus a complete answer key with each chapter. The online book adds written, video, and live Desmos solutions for the practice problems.

A invention: SkillDrills

Sure, there are over 900 SAT-style practice problems. But many problem-solving techniques are composed of essential building block skills. Rather than forcing students to make the leap right from instruction to tackling test problems, we provide the intermediate step of these innovative mini-problem sets that build essential skills — and students' confidence.

The Ultimate in Practice Problem Explanations: Videos

The Orange Book's text is comprehensive, but it does not stand alone. We've enhanced it by making available our famous explanatory videos as pop-ups right in the online Orange Book. Every chapter and section in the book has a corresponding set of videos for every single practice problem and SkillDrill, along with written and live, interactive Desmos solutions.

Multiple solutions empower students

Test-takers learn that they often have alternatives, so if one approach isn't working out, there are others. This awareness reduces stress and increases confidence. Our clear, patient explanations are provided every step of the way. first discovered "wormholes"

...and we literally wrote the book (well, the chapter) on them. We help students identify and productively exploit these expedited routes to solutions, saving them time and reducing errors.

Expert commentary elevates examples

We go beyond just explaining the steps as we develop a solution; we add illuminating notes and insightful guidance based on our years of successfully enlightening students of all levels about mathematical concepts and methods

From Chapter 0 to 21, the Orange Book gets into every crevice of the needed math

We not only made sure to include every topic and sub-topic that's every been tested on the SAT, we got into the nitty-gritty on all of them. Nothing is glossed over, no detail was too small to include, and every step-by-step example problem explanation moves through the solution in thoroughly explained fine-grained increments so that students are never left wondering, "wait what did they just do?" We hate that, so we made sure you never have to experience it when using this book.

We've left it all on the page

This text is truly complete. It cuts no corners and assumes only the most basic mathematical knowledge. From Chapter 0, Foundations, to Chapter 21, Wormholes, we leave no stone unturned in our exploration of every relevant high school math topic as it related to the test, with carefully-paced descriptions of all the key principles required to attain total mastery of the material.

Student-centric structure

Each chapter is dedicated to one major concept. Within each chapter are sections and sub-sections, with fully-worked-out example problems and appropriate SkillDrills presented along the way as the principles are explained, ensuring that students are building the fundamental techniques that are needed for taking on test-style problems.

Starting from zero? We've got you

For the struggling student, the book has everything they need at a level of detail that lets them work through topics comfortably without stress, starting with Chapter 0, which lays down the fundamentals. Every concept and solution step is clearly explained and principles are not just given once, but are repeated as required to ensure that students never get lost along the way.

Almost there? Ace it!

For the more advanced student, we've provided concise statements of key points along with a complete summary at the end of each topic chapter, so refreshing those math skills is easy. Need more depth on just one or two topics? Dive into the chapters for all the detail you can handle. And we don't just throw formulas at you; the basis of all principles is clearly articulated, with demonstrations and proofs provided for the edification of the curious student.

Perfectly paced practice

At the end of each section within each chapter, there's a set of practice problems that apply to that section, and at the end of each chapter, there is an extensive set of practice problems that require the application of skills discussed throughout the chapter, so students have ample practice material for reinforcing concepts and enhancing their problem-solving proficiency.

A Terrific Value

We don't do compromise when it comes to the quality of the materials we craft for our amazing students, and as a result, this text is well over 800 pages and thus requires two volumes in print form. A work with this degree of thoroughness incurs a cost, yet it is a relative bargain, with a significantly lower per-page cost than other SAT books, so it gives students the best value on a dollar/page basis (see Chapter 12, "Ratios, Probability, and Proportions").

And as for our enhanced online edition, nothing even comes close: we were first with written, video, and live interactive Desmos explanations, and our 2nd edition for the digital SAT has hundreds more problems and Desmos solutions for nearly all of them.

OK, you can stop scrolling down now.

We could talk all day about the constellation of virtues of the SAT Math Orange Book, but we figure that you've gotten the idea by now. If you want the best math resource on the planet for preparing for the digital SAT, you've found it.