From time to time, we will enhance and supplement the content of the Orange Book, and we'd like owners who purchased their books prior to these updates making it to print to get the benefit of those improvements and additions.

These changes include clarifying language, refinements in explanations, and the periodic addition of new real test problem cross-reference tables in the appendix along with the augmentation of the related problem blocks that accompany each topic section in the body of the text.

Revisions and Additions

  1. 4/1/2021 (v1.15.1): Added real test problem topic cross-reference table for the March 2021 QAS test to the Appendix (see below) and distributed that test's problems to the related problem boxes in all the relevant sections.
  2. 4/1/2021 (v1.15.1): On page 72, "2/13 in" has been changed to "2/13 inches" for clarity.
  3. 4/1/2021 (v1.15.1): On Page 191, a note was added to reinforce the fact that an absolute value can never be negative. 

March 2021 QAS Problem Cross-Reference Table

The above table appears on page 819 of Volume II of copies of the Orange Book printed after 4/1/2021 (v1.15.1).


If that picture looks like you trying to figure out why your answer seems right but it doesn't match the answer key in the Orange Book...the mistake might not be yours.

In order to prove that we are not robots, we might have allowed an error or two to creep into our manuscript for the book. When someone discovers one of these hidden nuggets of confusion, we'll add it to the list below.

Because we update our manuscript when errors are discovered, the chances of your copy of the book having any of these errors is very small, and if you haven't yet ordered your volumes, when you do, the copies you'll receive will be free of these, uh, quirks, because we've already fixed them.

If you find a mistake, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

Known Imperfections

Books ordered after the date of each item should not have that error.

  1. 3/1/2021: The answer for section practice problem 13.1-1 on pg. 465 was incorrectly given as B in the printed answer key on pg. 488. The correct answer is C. This has been corrected.
  2. 3/4/2021: The answer key for section 8.4 had the answers out of order. The correct answers are 1) D, 2) 6, 3) B, 4) 9. This has been corrected.
  3. 3/4/2021 (v1.10.3): Section practice problem 20.3-2 and a few of the real test problems and end-of-chapter practice problems were mis-categorized as belonging to section 20.3 rather than section 20.2. Problem 20.3-2 has been replaced with an appropriate problem, the old problem 20.3-2 has been moved to Additional Problem 30, and all answer keys, problem section tags, real-test problem tags, the online quizzes and videos, and the appendix have been adjusted accordingly.
  4. 3/20/2021 (v1.11.2): There was a typo ("on on top of the other") at the bottom of page 123; this has been corrected to "one on top of the other." In the Appendix, the six problems that are listed as pertaining to Section 0.1 on page 1 instead should be categorized with section 0.2 on page 4; this has been corrected.
  5. 3/23/2021 (v1.12.0): The word "numerator" in the box entitled "The 'Tell'" on page 787 should be "denominator." This has been corrected.
  6. 3/24/2021 (v1.13.0): Step 3 in the example problem solution on page 779 should say, “Now that we have values”; this has been corrected.
  7. 4/1/2021 (v1.15.1): Chapter 2 additional problem 26 had the incorrect answer indicated on the answer key on page 86; the correct answer is A, not C; this has been corrected.
  8. 4/1/2021 (v1.15.1): In the answer key for Chapter 3, the word "Additional" was misspelled; this has been corrected.
  9. 4/1/2021 (v1.15.1): On page 73, "1-lb increase in height" should have read, "1-in increase in height;" this has been corrected.
  10. 4/6/2021 (v1.15.2) On page 260, the fraction (-12/8) should be -(-12/8). The final reduced fraction of 3/2 is correct. This has been corrected.
  11. 4/11/2021 (v1.15.3) On page 362, in the instructions for SkillDrill 10.1-1, "→" should be "↓". This has been corrected.
  12. On page 576, the word "data" is misspelled as "dat" in the second line of the second paragraph.
  13. On page 605, the section listing the answers to SkillDrill 17.2-1 is incorrectly titled "17.2-3."
  14. On page 602, in problem 32, the word "weight" in answer choices B and C should be "weigh."
  15. The units of the answer to SkillDrill 18.2-1 on page 627 should be days, not hours (the value is correct), and the final step in the dimensional analysis chain should be 1 day / 10 hours to complete the computation.