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I've been meaning to make videos that expand on certain test concepts and ideas that I mention in my SAT test walk-through videos. Well, here they are. I'll be adding videos to this section of the site in order to highlight my thoughts on certain topics, themes, tips, and strategies for the SAT. It is my hope that this course will become a one-stop-shop for all things SAT strategy related on the web.

I highly recommend buying the College Board's Blue Book, which contains all eight printed tests:


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After teaching over 700 students for the newly redesigned SAT® since its introduction in March of 2016, George wanted to create online SAT® videos that could reach a broader audience and provide students with in-depth question explanations and commentary that they can absorb at their own pace.

Follow along with George as he deconstructs the test question by question and learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls in each section of the exam.

George received a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Yale University. In addition to Yale, George received undergraduate acceptance letters from Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Johns Hopkins.

George has over 8 years of experience helping students prepare for the SAT.

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  SAT - General Thoughts
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  Reading Strategy - My Tips and Strategies
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