SAT Practice Test Autoscoring Answer Forms

Online answer forms for every released SAT, providing scoring, access to video explanations, math problem topic categorization, and more

Students use these Autoscoring Answer Forms (AAFs) as an integral part of their practice-test-based preparation for the SAT, whether under the direction of a tutor/test-prep class or while self-studying. Here's an outline of the core process:

  1. A student takes a practice test or section on their own or as assigned by a tutor or prep class and enters their answers into the AAF;
  2. The student submits the filled-out AAF and it is automatically scored;
  3. The student is presented with an on-screen score report;
  4. The student uses the buttons provided with each answer to play our expert video explanations of the questions they struggled with;
  5. For math problems, the student is provided with the main categories for the problem, allowing the student to instantly identify the precise math topics in which they need improvement;
  6. With the click of a button, the student can view the math problem in our SAT Math Topic Explorer (SMTEx™) to learn how frequently problems of that type appear on the test and to get a list of all the other real-test problems related to the same topic, which helps the student prioritize the topic and provides additional, focused practice material;
  7. Using the supplied chapter, section, and page reference for the SAT Math Orange Book, students can read a detailed, patient lesson on the topic of the missed problem and they can follow worked-through examples, build foundational techniques with our SkillDrills™, work through practice problem sets with video explanations, and get lists of related real-test problems;
  8. Having completed a cycle of assessment-diagnosis-learning-exercise-practice, the student has addressed their deficiencies through a highly focused and efficient process, and they are ready to embark on another improvement cycle.