Special Reading Topic and May 2021 Final Week Thoughts/Q&A [5/4/2021]

1600.io Live event date: Tuesday, May 4th, 2021, at 5:00pm Eastern time


One of the most common experiences among students taking the SAT is narrowing down a reading question to two answer choices, but struggling to select which of the two is correct. In most cases, students have identified the right answer as one of the pair, but they can't consistently eliminate the other choice. George will discuss strategies for identifying the better of the two choices in this situation.

And, of course, the May SAT is on Saturday, and anxiety is starting to spin out of control, if the tension convention on Reddit is any indication. George will address this subject directly and give you an undiluted dose of straight talk with an emphasis on busting myths and straightening out the warped mindset that's pushing you towards panic.

Following his presentation, George will take questions on the SAT, college admissions, and related matters. If there’s time, we’ll lighten things up with a Reddit Flyover™.


  • What do do when you're down to two choicesthe right one and a wrong oneon a reading passage
  • The May SAT: It's too late to make changesand too early to panic
  • Q&A
  • Reddit Flyover™?