Practice Test 9 Reading Passage Deep Dive: History [2/26/2021] Live event date: Friday, February 26th, 2021, at 6:00pm Eastern time


We'll do a Reading Deep Dive with the history passage from Practice Test 9, which students should print out before the start of the event. George will read through the passage with running commentary and interaction with the attendees with the goal of showing how to completely comprehend the piece so the questions can be addressed with ease and confidence. Then, students will answer the questions for the passage online, we'll score the results, and we will discuss the toughest questions.

After George's presentation, we'll have an open Q&A session on reading, SAT preparation planning, and related subjects.


  • Pre-event chat
  • Student surveys
  • Reading passage deep dive: Practice Test 9, history passage
  • Q&A