Math Topics Unit 4: Systems of Linear Equations, Part 1 [4/25/2020]


In this session of our series of SAT math topic presentations, we're going to begin our examination of systems of linear equations. George will go over the fundamental principles of this topic, and he'll demonstrate the problem-solving techniques that are needed to solve the relevant problems on the math sections of the test with ease and confidence. There will be short quizzes and interactive examples throughout the session.

After George's presentation, we'll have an open Q&A session on the math topic, the effects on students of the SAT schedule changes, and related subjects. There's a bonus Reddit Flyover in the offing as well.


  • Preliminaries
  • Section 1: Introduction to Systems of Linear Equations
  • Section 2: Using Substitution to Solve Systems of Linear Equations
  • Section 3: Number of Solutions to Systems of Linear Equations Part I
  • Q&A
  • Reddit Flyover

This Live session took place on Saturday, April 25th, at 2:00pm Eastern time.

Math Unit 4 Part 1 Real Test Problems handout.pdf