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Introducing the best SAT math book that 1600.io could create, and that means, in our opinion, the best SAT math book on Earth.

The 1600.io SAT Math Orange Book.

If you're interested in learning about this essential text and its companion collection of 700+ video explanations, click here, and we'll tell you more (in a new tab/window, of course; we don't want to chase you off the home page, which continues as usual below).

Don't just take the SAT®.
Crush it.

The top-rated SAT® video instruction on the Internet, featuring hundreds of hours of expert coaching, including detailed explanations of 3,300 real SAT questions

An extraordinary value – all-access monthly membership for just $19, or annual membership for only $99.

The best.

That's what we offer. The highest-quality, most engaging SAT foundational education and test-specific instruction on the planet.


These are the tools you'll need to crush the SAT:


How does this work?

1600.io offers multidimensional synchronous (live) and asynchronous (playable on demand) online instruction for the SAT via a pay-as-you-go membership model. Students can self-administer any of the widely-available released SATs or sections thereof, and then review their answers by watching our extensive explanatory videos, viewed by students over one million times, which cover over 3,300 real SAT questions in more than 250 hours of video instruction by a Yale graduate and elite tutor.

Through this simple process, students learn how to master the types of reading, writing, and math questions with which they struggle, and they absorb expert advice on how to more swiftly solve the problems they got right, thus saving time and reducing errors, which in turn leads to better scores. Students can also use this process to identify their areas of weakness, and they can then watch our focused videos to turn those weaknesses into strengths by learning efficient methods for approaching the topics that challenge them.

But we go further. We've crafted an extensive SAT strategy course that has hours of expert instruction on the proven approaches to achieving the best possible scores on all sections of the test; we provide topic-specific courses, such as our series of videos on acing the SAT Essay section; and for synchronous learning, we present and archive frequent 1600.io Live webinars where students can watch presentations, learn math concepts, take timed test sections together, explore test sections with in-depth deep dives, and ask questions in real-time to aid them in their college readiness journey as they're traveling through it. We also supply Tools and Resources in support of many important activities, such as college application essay-writing and developing skill in reading the difficult styles of English history and literature passages students will face, and we even provide a web app called SchedGen™ that thousands of students have used to generate a custom, downloadable test-prep schedule with just a few clicks of the mouse. We've got a YouTube channel for timely, supportive messages to students, a Facebook page, and the obligatory Instagram. All this is supported with a deep and wide social media support structure including our own Discord server, resulting in a true community of learners – not just another over-hyped, overpriced, under-delivering test-prep site.


Do you teach strategy?

Sure. Want to know the secret to the SAT?

George spills the beans right here, in this segment from our free strategy course:


What do your video explanations of real SAT questions look like?

See for yourself!

We provide thorough, thoughtful, effective explanations of even the toughest SAT questions, empowering students to really understand the material:


How effective is your service?

Here's what a few of our tens of thousands of members have said about that:

"George, six days ago I received my August 29 SAT score: a 1550! For this test, my score in the English section went up from a 730 to a 770. Now, along with my 800 in Math, I have an impressive superscore of 1570. George, thank you so much for your guidance that you've given me these last few months. I don't think I would've had a high chance of success if 1600.io was never recommended to me. I've spent many months using Khan Academy, PrepScholar, Uworld, Erica Meltzer and College Panda books, and other miscellaneous resources, but 1600.io has positively influenced me much more. Your videos were extremely beneficial in not only spoon-feeding me the tools needed to improve my skills in crushing the SAT, but also giving me the motivation to learn. I've also really enjoyed attending your live sessions and interacting with you in real time. You've been an amazing mentor to me, George, and I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work. I don't think I can find anything of your caliber anywhere else."

"1600.io was an integral component to my increase in score. George’s explanations of math problems and breakdowns of reading passages are unrivaled by any other online SAT prep or tutor program. Their online community was beneficial, too, and there were many other students able to help me with my ambitions of scoring high on the test. 1600.io was the most effective SAT prep course I used, out of many, and I would recommend it to anyone taking the new SAT. Through 1600.io, I was able to see a score increase of over 300 points, something which I would not have thought possible before using their services."

"I've been to around 5 different SAT centers which my parents heavily invested tens of thousands of dollars into and your course is a million times better while being a million times cheaper. I just wanted to say that I love how in depth and so clear your explanations are."

"I personally have benefited a lot from you guys: 1160 on the PSAT to 1420 on my first SAT! During my March 2019 SAT, I was reading in George’s voice in my head, and I managed to get only five wrong in the reading. I am really surprised that you provide these courses for such an affordable price!"

"Just received my score and I am more than happy. Without you and George, I wouldn't have achieved this. My first practice test score was 1230, but I have improved 320 points in 3 months. Thank you again. Please, thank George for me."

"I gained over 200 points by using your courses. I heard your voice in my head more frequently than I heard my parents’, and with the amount of work you put into your video courses, you deserve all the praise in the world."

"The 1600.io essay vid is godly. I went from an 18 to a 23."

"Hey George! I scored a 1560 on the December SAT, and your videos were the main reason. Your videos helped me in identifying where I was going wrong. I have started teaching the SAT to some juniors, and I've been sharing the strategies you talked about in your videos with them. So far, they have made great progress and I wanted to thank you on their behalf as well."

"The way he reads passages, the way he analyzes questions, and the way he analyzes the answers are the best ways ever to approach a reading test. His approaches to the Math section and Writing questions are golden. Period. The guy is a genius when it comes to the SAT."

"Well my grind started around the October PSAT and got a score of 980. I got really depressed and started looking for materials I could use and found George’s website. 2 months later and I’m scoring around a 1300 because of him."

"One of my friends has a tutor that charges $120 per hour. To think that your service costs just a fraction of that is crazy to me. Relative to these crappy tutors, the membership is probably worth more than $599.... When I mentioned that I wanted to buy $60 worth of SAT videos, my parents were a bit skeptical. To convince them, I actually brought the official [SAT practice test] blue book to them, showed them a problem, then showed the video that corresponded. They were impressed and I ended up with their credit card in my hand."

"I started out sophomore year with a 1330 PSAT. When I started studying for the SAT my junior year, I found out about 1600.io and the amazing resources and videos that guided me through the official practice tests. The strategy course and the videos covering reading, writing, and math helped me to learn the most efficient way to take the SAT. 1600.io taught me everything I needed for the SAT, and it was the key factor in my 1550."

"I come back to the SAT strategy video because it helped me improve my score by 200 points. I am proud to say I scored a 1580 and the resources provided on 1600.io really helped me out. Thanks so much!"

"1600.io is the the sole resource that actually improved my score substantially (I'd taken an SAT prep class and used [a well-known prep] book and Khan Academy). George teaches you how to think through the test - he might be charging for his videos now but it's well worth it and his videos were gold for me."


I haven't heard about you before, and anyone can get a few glowing testimonials. How can I check out your reputation?

We love answering this question, which is why we asked it of ourselves.

We do, in fact, have a bulging file of testimonials. But let's start with our rating in a recent survey, where we were ranked as the #1 SAT instructional video resource and we were rated higher overall than both private tutors and in-person group classes. If you're wondering who conducted the survey, you might be surprised to learn that it was undertaken by another test-prep company. And since that survey was performed, we have tripled the number of videos we offer. In other news, Test Prep Nerds has named our free course bundle the "Best Free SAT Course," and they proclaimed of 1600.io, "this is the best SAT prep course for self-starters."

And what do the students who have used our services say about us when discussing SAT preparation with their peers? We're pretty confident that when you browse our thousands of glowing recommendations on the r/Sat subreddit, including such posts as "Thank you 1600.io," "1600.io Appreciation Post," and "1600.io is a legend," you'll get an overwhelmingly positive impression of our standing in the SAT test preparation world among the toughest critics of all: high school students.


How widely is your service used?



How can online instruction possibly be as good as in-person test-prep classes?

That's the wrong question.

The right question is, how could an in-person test-prep class with its limited hours and restrictive, fixed schedule possibly approach the efficiency of a resource with twenty times as much instruction from a world-class tutor that's available for viewing – and reviewing – at any time, from any location?

The answer is obvious. It can't.


Maybe group prep classes aren't the best way, but nothing could be more effective than private tutoring. Right?


Our founder, George, is a Yale graduate who has tutored a thousand students, and he has had amazing success in raising students' SAT scores. In fact, he was the tutor of choice for students at the public high school that had the third-highest average SAT score in the United States. But even if you could hire George – and you can't because he's pretty busy these days – or another elite tutor, you'd be spending about $1,000 each week for just a few hours of instruction. In that time, a tutor can offer off-the-cuff explanations of perhaps 25 SAT questions, and they would have to prioritize which questions and topics on which to focus, given the limited time. There are 154 questions on each SAT, and 22 complete released real SATs that students can use for study – over 3,300 questions.

Consider the alternative: Instead of a couple of hours of instruction on cherry-picked questions from one test, a student can get 10 or 12 hours of carefully-crafted instruction about that test from George, covering 150+ questions – every single question on that test. Even if the costs were the same, that would still be about five times as much instruction, and it would be a spectacular value. That's right: there is a serious argument to be made for the proposition that each of our dozens of courses is worth $1,000, based on the cost of a comparable amount of instruction time from a private tutor.

But we want to reach the greatest number of students, and we don't need to charge $1,000 per course in order to keep creating and offering our instruction. Rather, we think about how we can educate as many kids as possible, as affordably as possible, and that drives our pricing...down.


But how can a bunch of videos that can't respond to a student possibly compete with live, interactive instruction?

Live instruction is overrated.

(There. We said it.)

We tend to think of in-person tutoring or classes as the gold standard of instruction, but that's just because for millennia, that's all there was. But a class with a mediocre instructor can't hold a candle to well-produced, carefully crafted videos from a brilliant teacher. In addition, we offer both asynchronous (recorded, playable on-demand) and synchronous (live, interactive) instruction, so we provide the best of both worlds to suit all types of students and all test-preparation scenarios.


Doesn't live instruction allow the student to ask questions when they're confused?

The reality is that most students don't ask questions even when they are confused. In a class setting, they are afraid of interrupting the lecture, and in private sessions, they can be embarrassed about admitting that they are just not getting it (a disclosure that might get back to the parents who are paying large sums to make sure the student "gets it").

Our instructional videos are crafted with the insight of someone who has gone over the very same material with a thousand students during a decade of professional tutoring, so potential questions are answered before the student would need to ask them, and points of confusion are anticipated and addressed before they arise. What's better than being able to answer a student's questions and clear up their confusion? Not confusing them in the first place. (Data communications folks call this principle "forward error correction.")

Our productions, unlike so many other instructional videos, are not simply tapings of class-style lectures. Because we are acutely aware that we cannot lazily rely on the safety net of students interrupting with questions should something be unclear, poorly explained, confusing, rushed, or simply wrong, we craft every second of our videos keeping in mind the fact that we have to achieve 100% instructional transfer without shifting the burden to the student to extract from us the needed clarity.

But we go further. We've created a vital community of our students on our Discord server, where thousands of 1600.io members discuss everything pertaining to the test prep and college admissions process. Our professional staff participates in that venue as well, and when students do have questions, they can post them at any hour and there will be constructive, supportive, non-judgmental responses to help the students over their obstacles. When the same question is asked repeatedly, we often create a special video mini-lesson to address it, and we make these available on our popular YouTube channel as well as incorporating them into our own courses as appropriate. Parents can connect with us through our Facebook page (kids don't use Facebook, we've been told), and we've got an Instagram account, too, for sending out reminders about important dates, prep tips, and studying encouragement.

For an even more immediate interactive instructional experience, we host live webinars that deliver timely test-preparation advice to our members and that give students the opportunity to chat with us and get their questions answered on a wide range of college-admissions-related topics. This is yet another of the many ways in which 1600.io closes the loop with our members so that we don't leave anyone by the wayside as they travel along their journey towards college.

If students have specific questions about test problems or our explanations, they can leave comments on any of our 3,500 videos, and we read every single one of those notes and respond as needed. We also have a chat function on our website that allows anyone to simply ask us a question (it's that black-and-white circular thing on the bottom-right of the screen).

And the test-prep self-study world has grown so large that there are rich, active communities beyond the boundaries of 1600.io; the fast-growing r/Sat subreddit has nearly 100,000 members, with students of all levels constantly requesting and receiving assistance from other students and the many professional tutors (including our own) who participate on that site.

We have no intention of ceding any advantage to any form of live instruction. We are acutely aware that our success is absolutely dependent on the success of our members, and no amount of marketing hype can substitute for the real, measurable results of our students.


Don't live classes and tutors focus on a student's weaknesses and adjust their instruction accordingly?

Test-prep classes don't adjust their live instruction to accommodate individual students; they can't. They rely on automated tools, which in turn depend on students taking a variety of assessment tests. Private tutors – good ones – can adjust the assignments they give, and they are able to concentrate their instruction on the areas that are most needed.

But the mistake here is thinking that absent these external forces, students would be completely adrift about where they should direct their energies. Our experience shows that students are, in fact, keenly aware of their shortcomings, and when provided with the resources, they will naturally focus on improving their weaker areas. This isn't rocket surgery; students take a practice test, review all the problems they got wrong or simply had no idea how to approach, and then they can turn their attention to working on the topics pertaining to those troublesome problems. As we have a video for every available SAT question, our students always have a huge selection of not just questions, but explanations, to give them exactly what they need to achieve their potential on the SAT.


What advantage does 1600.io's test-preparation delivery model have over live instruction?

It's not live!

That means that it can be watched at the student's convenience, not the instructor's, and, even more importantly, it can be paused, watched again (and again and again), rewound, advanced, and randomly accessed, putting the selection of lessons, the pacing, and needed repetition completely under the student's control. Try telling a tutor that you want to re-watch the last ten minutes, or that you want to stop and pick up after dinner, or that you want to be taught last week's lesson over again – or that you want to skip to next week's lesson.

Considering all of the above, we'd ask, how can live instruction possibly be as good as expertly-crafted instructional videos reinforced by a rich support ecosystem?

But it doesn't have to be a binary, either-or choice. Most tutors and test-prep courses use real College Board tests for instruction and practice. Our vast library of expert explanations of all of those questions can serve as the perfect adjunct to a tutoring engagement or live prep class for a truly tiny additional cost. Imagine having available a careful, thorough analysis of exactly the question that is baffling your student, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Used as such a supplement, our service enhances a traditional test-prep arrangement by acting as an instructional power multiplier.


What do professional tutors think about your service?

"This is my 11th year tutoring, and I invested over $1000 in the last year in test prep material. A 1600.io membership is affordable and effective for students. I direct every single student I tutor to this website and tell them to use this tool when they aren’t with me. At most, I’m with a student six hours a week, but on average it's just an hour and a half. 1600.io is with my students every other hour of the week, and my students thrive using the system.

If you are willing to invest in a tutor, then investing in 1600.io is the best way to protect your investment. I find that my students who use 1600.io reach their goal score with fewer tests than the ones that don’t. In that way, 1600.io saves parents and students money, because fewer tests = fewer tutoring sessions, and fewer tutoring sessions = less money spent on SAT prep. 1600.io gives students a level of confidence with the test that it would take me months to develop in them.

I won’t tutor without 1600.io because I know it works, and your student shouldn’t prep without it either."

- Jennifer Jessie, SAT Tutor


My kid will never get anywhere self-studying; the motivation is just not there.

Bad news.

Your child will resent being dragged to a boring test-prep class every week where an indifferent instructor will inflict the torment of stacks of worksheets to be completed by the next class. That will stamp out any remaining embers of motivation that might have been there at the start of this process.

Providing students with the opportunity to choose the place and time of their studying eliminates the pushback that frequently comes with compelled attendance at test-prep classes. And our materials aren't just smart; they're engaging, enjoyable, motivating, supportive, and even, on occasion, pretty funny. Students appreciate being in control of the process, while also being open to the studying advice and test-taking commandments we issue.

Skeptical? Show your student a few of our free lectures. Tell them your expectations: that they will take the process seriously, that practice tests have to be taken on a schedule, that progress has to be demonstrated. Then ask, "would you rather use this resource than go to a class every week?"

We know what the answer will be. And thinking about it, don't you know, too?


If the quality of instruction is so high, how can it be so inexpensive?


A typical test-prep class might have 30 students in it. The instructor has to be compensated, the facility has a lease that must be paid, there are utility bills, and so on. And all of those costs have to be split up among the relatively small number of students. That's why such classes can cost $2,000 or more.

We have tens of thousands of students who all share the costs of having one of the top SAT tutors in the world instruct them. We don't need to lease a facility to house classes, with all the attendant expenses that need to be passed on to the students. The use of video, distributed without limitation via the Internet, makes this new paradigm not just possible, but better. Much, much better.

This is the new way the education of motivated individuals takes place. It's awesome – and very, very inexpensive. Because of...



Good tutors charge much more than bad ones. Your service costs so little, so doesn't that mean it's not very good?

Actually, in our case, the exact opposite is true.

Let's talk microeconomics (we promise to be brief). The more popular a tutor is, the more they charge, because there are only so many hours in the day during which they can be billing. Once they are booked up, they can raise their prices – in fact, they have to raise them to earn more, because they can't take on more students, as they are not able to be in two places at once. So the best tutors command hundreds of dollars per hour, and one indicator of a top tutor who has earned a great reputation is a very high hourly rate.

So that must mean that SAT instructional quality rises with price, and a cheap prep service must be low-quality, right?


Our model turns that economic principle on its head, because unlike traditional tutors and test-prep classes, we have no limitation on how may students to whom we can be delivering instruction, because we can deliver it to an unlimited number of students at the same time. Not only can we be in two places at once, we can be in a million places. Therefore, the more popular a service like ours is, the less we need to charge each student, because the cost is spread across a larger group of members. What does that mean? Our extraordinarily low fees are a definitive indicator that our service is extremely popular, and it's extremely popular because it's extremely effective. When you join 1600.io, you are sharing the costs of the best tutoring talent on the planet with tens of thousands of others. Unlike with an elite tutor, the popularity of our service results in a very low price, not a very high one.

Summing up the economics lesson: Our service costs very little because thousands of students have decided it works. But if it makes you feel better, we can charge $1,999 and send you a 99%-off coupon.


Our test-preparation funds are limited; shouldn't we put them all towards the best tutor we can find?

It should be obvious that it costs a very small amount to join 1600.io, but let's lay out just how small that is.

The cost of our monthly membership, which gives you unlimited access to about 300 hours of top-notch test-preparation instruction, is so inexpensive that it would buy you just 11 minutes and 24 seconds of decent private tutoring.

Put another way, if you took our monthly fee and tried to use it to hire a tutor for three hours, you'd be violating federal minimum wage laws.

Or, consider that a typical tutor will cost you about $100 per hour of instruction, but an hour of our top-rated test-prep costs just one thousandth of that at just a dime an hour.





This all sounds great. Do you have a score guarantee like other test-prep services do?

Score guarantees are hollow gimmicks, because they can only be backed up with a refund; no test-prep company can actually grant you the guaranteed score if you fall short of it, so these promises are completely empty. What's the real value of a 300-point guarantee if you only go up 50 points and get your money back?

We don't engage in this sort of marketing nonsense. The quality of our materials speaks for itself, and with our generous quantity of free instruction, you'll have ample opportunity to experience that for yourself even before you spend a penny.

Our monthly membership is so inexpensive, there is essentially no risk in joining 1600.io, and there is no long-term commitment whatsoever. Unlike with other online services, we don't require a quarter-year, half-year, or longer contract, so if you decide you're not getting what you hoped for, you can end your membership without leaving months of pre-paid unused time on your account.


What's the next step?