Tutors, test-prep centers, and schools can purchase deeply-discounted vouchers that entitle their students to enroll at no cost to them in our Tutored Student Membership, our suite of resources that act as a force multiplier for test-prep programs that assign practice tests to students as homework between prep sessions and/or that use our SAT Math Orange Book as the central text in their math instruction.

The membership provides students with the interactive digital edition of the SAT Math Orange Book, online Autoscoring Answer Forms (AAFs), which produce SAT practice test score reports that include instant access to hi-def video explanations for every one of the 4,000+ questions on the released SATs, math problem topic categorization, direct page citations to our SAT Math Orange Book, and instant viewing of any math problem in our SAT Math Topic Explorer (SMTEx), which supplies lists of similar problems from real tests and which can open the Digital Orange Book right the page where the relevant explanation is presented. Students can also browse the video explanations directly if they prefer to use bubble sheets and manual scoring.

Students who are using our SAT Math Orange Book, the digital edition of which is included, under the guidance of a tutor or prep center gain access to autoscoring answer forms for all the section and chapter practice problems in that text along with linked video explanations for every practice problem in the Orange Book.

Note: After completing your voucher pack purchase, please contact 1600.io to receive your voucher codes and enrollment links, which you can then distribute to your students.

If you need to purchase vouchers that provide a custom access period for your students, or you need to purchase a quantity not available below, please contact 1600.io.

Choose a Membership Duration and Voucher Quantity:

Note: When you purchase a set of vouchers, you'll receive an email the next day stating that your access is expiring; that's an artifact of the mechanism that prevents inadvertent duplicate purchases on the same day, and you can safely ignore the message. Your vouchers will remain valid for three years.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I do if I need a custom quantity or membership duration?
Send us an email, and we will work with you to provide the voucher package that fits your situation.

I tried to put together two orders to get the number of vouchers I need, and it won't let me place the second order. What do I do?
By default, you can only order one set of vouchers per day, but if you drop us a note, we can override that limitation for you.

I purchased a set of vouchers, but I didn't get anything. How do I get my vouchers?
If you don't receive an email from us with your vouchers within a few hours, just send us an email and we'll get them dispatched right away.

Do the vouchers expire?
Vouchers expire after three years; if you have expiring unused vouchers, contact us about a possible extension. Note that our resource offerings change from time to time, so we reserve the right to alter the contents of the membership to which the vouchers can be applied.

I have extra vouchers; can I get a refund for them?
Vouchers are non-refundable and have no cash value. if you have expiring unused vouchers, contact us about a possible extension.