Acing the SAT® Essay

Demystifying the SAT® Essay

Join George and Chris as they demystify the SAT essay. Included in the course are videos that explain common pitfalls, essay writing tips, and strategies for achieving that perfect essay score. Detailed analysis of perfect essays is given, providing a step-by-step framework for writing an 8/8/8 essay.

I highly recommend buying the College Board's Blue Book, which contains all eight printed tests:

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After teaching thousands of students how to reach their potential on the SAT®, George wanted to create an online SAT resource that could reach a broader audience and provide students with in-depth question explanations and commentary that they could absorb at their own pace. George achieved this goal by leveraging an innovative approach that shatters the traditional, expensive test-preparation model.

Follow along with George as he deconstructs the SAT question by question while explaining how to avoid the most common pitfalls in each section of the exam, and learn the best strategies for getting the highest possible score.

George received a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Yale University. In addition to being admitted to Yale, George received undergraduate acceptance letters from Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Johns Hopkins.