SAT Math Orange Book Problem Explanations: Chapter 11 - Number and Types of Zeros/Imaginary and Complex Numbers

Video explanations for every practice problem and SkillDrill™ in chapter 11 (Zeros/Imaginary and Complex Numbers) of the SAT Math "Orange Book"

This resource provides a complete set of video explanations for every section practice problem, every additional topic practice problem, and every SkillDrill™ in Chapter 11 of our groundbreaking SAT Math Orange Book.

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After teaching thousands of students how to reach their potential on the SAT® through conventional in-person tutoring, George wanted to create an SAT resource that could reach a broader audience and provide students with comprehensive, in-depth instruction that they could absorb at their own pace. George achieved this goal by leveraging an innovative approach that shatters the traditional, expensive test-preparation model.

George received a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Yale University. In addition to being admitted to Yale, George was accepted to Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Johns Hopkins.