Institutional Membership: Students Graduating in Two Calendar Years

A blanket all-access annual membership for schools and other institutions who wish to provide access to students graduating in two calendar years

Enroll in Institutional Membership

Schools and other institutions wishing to provide access to their students or members can purchase an all-access institutional membership, which will give the organization the right to a set of fee waivers or vouchers that can be distributed by the institution each year. The vouchers entitle students to enroll in one of our Institutional Student Memberships, which provide access to all our resources until December of the students' senior (graduation) year, thus allowing the use of through the last SAT of the students' final school year.

Institutions can purchase memberships that include vouchers for students currently in the final year of their SAT preparation (the Class of 2021), or for students with between one and two years until December of their senior year (Class of 2022). This membership entitles the institution to a set of vouchers for students in the Class of 2022. Please use the institutional membership for students graduating next year to procure vouchers for students who are scheduled to graduate in 2021.

A single institution might purchase multiple memberships to acquire the desired number of vouchers and to apportion their vouchers among students in different class years.
Institutional memberships automatically renew annually. Memberships can be canceled at any time, and students will retain access through the end of the calendar year. There are no penalties or refunds associated with cancellations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an institution get the right number of vouchers for students in different school years?
Schools/institutions simply purchase multiple memberships to assemble the collection of vouchers that they need for the year. For example, if a school would like to have 500 vouchers for students in the Class of 2021 and 275 vouchers for students in the class behind the first group, they could purchase one institutional membership for students graduating next calendar year for 500 students, plus one institutional membership for students graduating in two calendar years for 250 students and another for 25 students. Each membership will automatically renew on its anniversary date, and schools can cancel and purchase different enrollment levels as their needs change.