If you've ever wondered how often a particular math topic shows up on the SAT, or you've struggled with a math problem from a practice test and you weren't sure what concept you needed to study (and where to find it in our Orange Book), we've got you. Announcing SMTEx, the SAT Math Topic Explorer!

SMTEx lets you explore the math topics on the test in many different ways:

  • You can enter a problem number and find out what topic and sub-topic relates to the problem, you can see how often that type of problem shows up on the test, and you can browse a list of all the other practice test problems in the same category; you can also watch a video explanation for the selected problem or for any related problem (requires enrollment)
  • You can select a math topic and sub-topic directly and see all the problems that match, and you can find out how often that type of problem appears
  • You can click directly in the pie charts to pick math topics and sub-topics and get a listing of corresponding problems
  • No matter how you select a problem, a math topic, or a sub-topic, you'll be given a direct reference to the precise page in the 1600.io SAT Math Orange Book where the relevant concept is explained, so you can immediately learn what you need to know to address your weaknesses

SMTEx is free for everyone, whether you're a student who's working through practice tests or a tutor who wants to help prioritize your math lessons for your students. We hope you find it helpful!

FLASH! SMTEx was a winner in the "One Great Idea" event at the National Test Prep Association's 2021 annual conference in Washington DC. Here is your Director of Learning Systems Development, Daniel Kirchheimer, showing off this cool tool at the gathering:

Click here to begin exploring with SMTEx.