Your college essay: This time, it's personal

The essay is among the most important elements of the college application, but it is also one of the least-well-understood. Our special guest host, Chris, is an AP English teacher and an expert on essay-writing, and he'll guide students through the essential stages of conceiving and crafting this crucial component of their admissions package.

Chris will explain that using tricks, formulas, and hackneyed themes is exactly the wrong way to make your essay stand out among the many that admissions officers review. Rather, your essay should compellingly provide a window into your personality and experiences that allows the reader truly to get to know you and to discover what makes you interesting and special—in other words, just the kind of student a good school would love to have.

After the presentation, Chris and George will lead a Q&A on the topic of essay writing.


  • Introductions; handout of essay-writing advice and suggestions guide
  • Presentation
  • Q&A

Starting Your College Essay.pdf