SAT®/PSAT®/Khan Academy Reading Passage Sources List

The document below contains a listing of, and links to, the source of every literature and history passage that has appeared on every released SAT and PSAT and on Khan Academy. Many of these documents can be read in their entirety for free.

Students often find that they struggle with the history and literature passages on the test, because they have little exposure to the writing styles used in those passages. Reading these source materials, and related documents, will be extremely valuable in building up the vocabulary and comprehension skills needed to master passages of these types.

We urge students to go beyond just reading the original passage sources, and to explore other writings that can be found at the sites that host these sources. Reading a variety of related documents will broaden students' comprehension and strengthen their English reading (and writing) skills.

Literature and History Passages from Released SATs, PSATs, and Khan v1.11.pdf
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